September 03, 2019

The Florida Keys are known for a myriad of reasons—gorgeous weather, tropical coral reefs, and world-class fishing to name a few. However, when visiting our stunning archipelago, there is one thing you can’t miss, which are the panoramic sunsets that sprawl out like vivid rainbows across the sky. Imagine sitting on the beach, palm trees swaying, ice-cold drink in your hand, and the most vibrant display of purples, oranges, and pinks overhead as the sun approaches the horizon.

Weather expert Bill Cottrill explains the scientific reason behind such magnificent skies—it’s our stellar combination of clouds that create these world-famous sunsets. Low cumulus clouds scattered along the horizon make pockets of colorful shadows and high cirrus clouds made primarily of ice reflect the sun’s rays, resulting in something magical. Pick a prime spot, gather your friends and family, and let mother nature’s display dazzle you.