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Staff Picks
Staff Picks

Staff Picks

A Food Lovers Guide to the Florida Keys

While staying at La Siesta, indulge a little by trying some of our local heavenly dishes. Check out our top picks:

Florida Lobster (Spiny Lobster)

There’s no wrong way to enjoy a lobster, but when you have meat this juicy, we suggest having it sautéed in white wine butter, shallots, and scallions. Distinguished by the spines along it’s body, they are smaller than their Maine counterparts, but just as succulent and memorable.

Key West Pink Shrimp 

No trip to the Keys is complete without these wild-caught, sweet, plump, and incredibly fresh shrimp. They are ocean-to-table and usually served “peel and eat’, which compliments Islamorada’s low key vibe. Get ready for a flavor explosion.

Key Lim Pie

The most famous pie in South Florida and the quintessential flavor of vacation. Created in the 1800’s by “Aunt Sally” the cook of Bahamian-immigrant William Curry. Made from the freshest key limes, a tart and savory treat, that has people coming back to the Keys for more.

Look for these local dishes and ingredients on menus and taste all that we have to offer.

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