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Staff Picks
Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Play a Round of Life-Size Chess & Checkers

Here at La Siesta Resort, we like to do thing bigger and better. Well, that’s not entirely true. We actually love the laid-back Islamorada way of life. However, when it comes to leisurely activities, we go big. That’s why we provide tons of attention-grabbing games that are designed to help you relax. Take a break from our luxe pool or sandy beaches to spend the afternoon playing a game of life-size chess or checkers. The bright Florida sun and the swaying palms trees a perfect picturesque backdrop for the big competition. Challenge your friends and family to an intellectual meeting of the minds, while expertly maneuvering your massive pieces around the board. Games are a fabulous way to connect with your loved ones while having a great time. Immerse yourself in the casual elegance of La Siesta Resort, while snapping Instagram-worthy shots with your new friends, the over-sized knight and bishop. 

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